Steam Cleaning Carpet: Fibre Deep

May 27, 2024
Encapsulated Cleaning is used by Steam Boss in Gold Coast commercial and residential properties

Steam cleaning carpet is a game changer for getting dirt and grease out of the fibres. 

A professional grade steam cleaner is not intended for superficial cleanliness. It is for more comprehensive purification, down to the microscopic level. 

Stains happen. But now you can forget about thinking that those marks on your carpet or rug after spills or accidents are permanent.

Steam cleaning works wonders. And it does not depend on hitting stains with a barrage of toxic chemicals or .

Let’s look into the mechanics of the technology employed by professional steam cleaners and see how the muck is expunged.

Cleaning carpet with steam

Steam cleaning uses the simple yet effective principle of heating water to the point of steam. 

Conversion to steam is critical. This high temperature is the key to combating germs, dislodging dirt, and annihilating bacteria and allergens.

Molecular level cleaning

Steam cleaning owes its effectiveness to its capacity for operating at the molecular level. 

Each water molecule acts as a microscopic cleaning agent, penetrating every conceivable nook and cranny. Taking water up to steam temperatures energises its molecules which then move at velocity. 

This agitated movement creates a high-pressure environment within the carpet fibres that pressure loosens tightly bound dirt particles and dissolves stubborn oily residues. Even messes left by pets are powerless to resist the concentrated pressure of the steam cleaner. 

steam cleaning carpets on the Gold Coast

Physical extraction of impurities

Following the deep steam clean part of the process, the next phase of steam cleaning carpet is the extraction of the pressure-loosened particles. 

A powerful vacuum system is employed. This is no ordinary vacuuming. It’s an intense extraction process, designed specifically to remove the dirty water along with all the dislodged impurities from the carpet. 

This step is pivotal. It ensures the removal of all contaminants, leaving the carpet hygienically clean, as well as responding to the touch like it did before being soiled.

The drying phase

Following the steam cleaning and extraction processes, the damp carpet is going to need to dry out. 

Drying times vary, influenced by factors such as atmospheric conditions, air circulation, and the initial amount of steam applied. 

Despite the need to wait for the moisture to evaporate, this step is crucial for achieving the final state of cleanliness and freshness.

The benefits of steam cleaning carpets and more

Steam cleaning will enhance the physical condition and visual appeal of your carpets. It will also significantly improve the overall hygiene of your living space, including the air quality.

By breaking down and physically extracting dirt and grease from the carpet fibres, steam cleaning transcends traditional carpet cleaning methods.

Its deep, molecular-level clean will revitalise your home environment, making it more inviting to you and your guests. It will also smell fresher.

Steam cleaning is not only great for carpets, it’s equally effective for upholstery, lounges, mattresses, and rugs. 

Steam Boss provides comprehensive steam cleaning services that regularly exceed the expectations of Gold Coast home and business owners. 

If you’re wanting to experience steam cleaning freshness for your carpets, rugs and furniture, one phone call to Steam Boss is your ticket.