Steam Cleaning Lounges for a Molecular-Level Clean

June 7, 2024

Steam cleaning lounges, couches and mattresses is the only way to go when you find they’re in need of sanitising or being freshened up.

While being the cradle of relaxation, your lounge chair or mattress can be subjected to some serious physical abuse. They could easily become the favoured spot for your furry friends. They can just as easily end up being collateral damage in serial snack sessions. 

In cases like these, they can accumulate all manner of stains, filth and bugs. 

This is why a cleaning regimen that goes beyond surface cleaning is needed. Lounges and mattresses call for molecular level cleaning. 

For you and your guests, the only hygienic overhaul worthwhile needs to be done using a professional strength steam cleaner.

Steam power works

Professional steam cleaning equipment will penetrate deep into your lounge, reaching where dirt, bacteria, and other unwelcome elements reside.

Steam from superheated water pressure-targeted at your lounge, will give its fibres a real going over. This is no gentle steam, like you’d see from a teapot. 

As it courses through the fabric, the thermal action of the accelerated water molecules in the steam will effectively disrupt the grime previously bonded to it. Bacteria and dust mites will be neutralised.

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Targeting microscopic intruders

A professional-grade steam cleaner will not so gently coax stains and oils that have tainted the fabric to loosen their grip. Anything living among the fibres is going to feel the heat. There will be no survivors.

Operating at a scale unseen by the naked eye, this intense cleanup has palpable benefits.

The extraction process

After all the debris has been loosened by the steam, the extraction phase begins. 

This phase employs a robust vacuum system that acts to vigorously evacuate all remnants of dirt, moisture, and disintegrated filth from the lounge or mattress. 

All forms of dirt within the fabric are decisively evicted and nothing unsanitary will remain.

Drying is essential

Steam cleaned items must be allowed to dry thoroughly.

Drying times vary, influenced by factors that include the material makeup of the item and the prevailing environmental conditions. It can take a few hours, sometimes up to an entire day. 

Hastening this stage would be counterproductive to the overall cleaning process. 

Your patience, however, will be rewarded with your lounge, carpet, or mattress not just becoming visually clean but sanitised to its core.

The steaming conclusion

Steam cleaning lounges, mattresses, and carpets provides a deep clean at the molecular level. 

The result? Refreshed and sanitised furnishings that feel genuinely revitalised. They will feel more welcoming and hygienic for all who use them.

Given the thermal action at the molecular-level, steam cleaning easily outstrips other methods for cleaning lounges and couches, as well as other upholstered furniture, rugs and carpets.

No toxic chemicals are used!

If you’re ready for some powerful steam cleaning at your Gold Coast home or business, give Steam Boss a call today. 

We’re affordable and our service is as deeply satisfying as our steam cleaning is effective.