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Our Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) certified deep steam cleaning speaks for itself. With Steam Boss proprietor Fabio directly supervising every Gold Coast carpet cleaning job, unparalleled service and quality is guaranteed.

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Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning services

Carpets cleaned top to bottom

Steam Boss uses Encapsulation Cleaning — the result of years of study by the ACCI (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute). This is absolutely the best way to have your carpet and upholstery cleaned.

The power and high temperatures of pressurised steam combine with time-tested carpet cleaning solutions, to get deep into the carpet fibres to clean and revitalise carpets.

Nothing brings back carpet in heavy traffic areas better than calling Steam Boss with our industrial-strength steam-cleaning equipment. You'll soon see why Steam Boss is the Number 1 Commercial Carpet Cleaner in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Deep molecular level cleaning

Steam cleaning is effective right down to the molecular level. Bringing water up to steam temperature, energises its molecules and causes them to move at velocity. Each of those water molecules then acts as a microscopic cleaning agent.

Penetrating deep into carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture, this agitated movement and high temperatures dissolves stubborn oily residues and loosens stubborn stains.

Steam is your first step

After steam cleaning, the pressure-loosened particles are then extracted. This is a powerful vacuum extraction process that removes the excess water along with the impurities dislodged from the carpet.

The damp carpet will then need to dry out. Drying times vary, depending on the initial amount of steam needed, air circulation, and atmospheric conditions. Waiting for the moisture to evaporate is crucial for achieving the final state of cleanliness and freshness.

Why call Steam Boss?
  • Unparalleled service
    Our cutting-edge steam cleaning technology handles carpet and upholstery hygiene, from pet hair to the most stubborn of stains, with ease. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Best reputation
    Our reputation as the Gold Coast’s leading steam cleaning service is built on our attention to detail and our insistence on using only top-shelf steam cleaning equipment and the finest cleaning agents.
  • Deep down results
    Our deep cleaning results speak for themselves. Under the direct supervision of Steam Boss proprietor, Fabio, unparalleled service quality is guaranteed for every cleaning project.

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  • What makes Steam Boss different?

    We provide the best value carpet shampooing on the Gold Coast.

    Our high standards of service are consistent because business owner Fabio is on-site for every job.

    Our Guarantee means you can trust us to clean thoroughly the first time ’round. We aim for absolute customer satisfaction even if that means a return visit to make good on any rare problem.

  • How do I schedule your carpet cleaning?

    Our steam cleaning team is always on call.

    Simply contact us to let us know the time you need us.

    We can generally confirm on the spot whether the proposed time is good.

    If not, we can easily find the flexibility to fit in with your movements and agree to a time that works for both of us.

  • How do I pay? And is there a guarantee?

    100% Guarantee.
    YES we guarantee our work.

    If you are not 100% satisfied with our carpet cleaning, we will return to fix the problem. Our best in class equipment and materials will guarantee that your carpets are cleaned as thoroughly as is humanly possible.

    We accept cash, money order, and direct transfer payments.